About the Collection

The Henry Forman Atkinson Dental Museum contains over 3500 objects, photographs, documents and catalogues relating to the history of dentistry and dental education in Victoria. Objects in the collection date from the early 1700s, and provide insights into the changes and developments within the dental profession and its striving to improve the standard of dental education, dental health and dental care within Victoria.

The University of Melbourne

Books and Catalogues

The catalogues of the major manufacturers and suppliers of dental equipment from the 1870s onwards as well as published works on dentistry. In addition are the catalogues from specialist makers who supplied a limited range of either instruments or equipment, together with pamphlets on maintenance and installation. Also includes published works on all aspects of dentistry.

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Clinical Oral Surgery

The instruments used in the clinical area of dentistry which specializes in the diagnoses, prevention, and treatment of diseases of the teeth, gums, and related structures of the mouth and including the repair or replacement of defective teeth. This area covers hand instruments, Black's instruments, files, excavators, tweezers, holders, drills, handpieces, syringes, boxed sets of instruments, endodontic, periodontal and orthodontic instruments.

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Conservative Dentistry

The history of the practice of medicine encompassing quackery, public health and social history; there are documents, diplomas, illuminated addresses, other records and objects.

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Dental Mechanics

The laboratory equipment required for the making and development of prosthetic appliances including dental engines, phantoms, furnaces, porcelain outfits, blow pipes, blow torches, foot bellows, tools, pliers, artificial teeth and casting machines.

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Items relating to the teaching of dentistry at the Australian College of Dentistry and the University of Melbourne including lantern slides, films, anatomical models, other teaching models and collections, drawings and lecture notes.

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Dental research carried out at the Australian College of Dentistry and later at the University of Melbourne is reflected in the instruments and equipment made for specific research projects and encompasses drawings, microscope slides, specimens, models and some catalogues.

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Laboratory Equipment and Materials

All the products, excluding drugs, used in the practice of dentistry including impression compounds, filling materials, plastics, rubber, gypsum products, precious metals, mercury and amalgam as well as the larger laboratory equipment such as dental chairs, dental units, stools, dental cabinets, x-ray machines and dental engines.

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The objects and artefacts relating to people and events in the history of dentistry, locally in Victoria and more broadly in Australian encompassing certificates, wall plaques, plans of old and existing dental hospitals and schools, patient records and other records, student and staff memorabilia.

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Photographs and Prints

Includes photographs of the people, buildings, objects, events and equipment relating to the history and development of dentistry in Victoria and Australia and includes prints and artworks broadly relating to the history of dentistry.

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